Nutrition in the food industry

The food industry is an expanding and diversifying multi-billion dollar industry operating in a highly competitive market and must work with the health sector to respond to the challenges of ever-higher consumer expectations.

To do so they need highly qualified graduates with a clear understanding of food, nutrition, health and their inter-relationships. There is a wealth of exciting and diverse opportunities in areas such as new product development and research, nutrition and sales and marketing. Employers range from the major international corporations to small and medium size enterprises in a range of areas across the food sector.

Examples of job titles/roles

There are a range of diverse roles for Nutritionists within the food industry. The roles here can vary depending on the specific position, department, type of business and the size of the company.


Product Development Advisor

Marketing Officer

Customer Service Manager

Quality and Nutrition Coordinator

Brand Manager

Example employers

Suggested electives

    If you wish to complete the Master of Human Nutrition (H714) with a view to working in the food industry, the stream you choose will depend on whether you desire a research focus or not. If desiring a food industry research focus it is recommended you undertake stream B.  If not, then the following electives would be useful to consider.

    Highly relevant electives

    HSN713 Food, Nutrition and Behaviour

    HSN741 Postgraduate Nutrition Practicum

    HSN760 International Perspectives in Food and Nutrition

    HSN706 Food Policy and Public Health

Expert in the area

Dr Ramon Hall (pdf 37KB) - Master of Human Nutrition, PhD. Dairy Health & Nutrition Consortium Manager, Dairy Innovation Australia Limited.

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