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Research forms a key element in the decisions made around human health. Just as studying nutrition can lead to a variety of different career paths, the opportunities to pursue research in a diversity of areas also exists.

Graduates who choose to work in research may gain employment with government and non-government organisations interested in how best to improve health.

Research careers in nutrition can be found in universities, hospitals, research institutes and in the food industry. In order to become an academic or work in a university, it is recommended that you complete stream B of the Master of Human Nutrition (H714) or an Honours degree which can then lead onto a research degree such as a Masters by Research or PhD. You can use your contact with lecturers and tutors to find out about possible research opportunities.

Most academics are usually engaged in either research-focused or teaching-focused roles.

Example job titles/roles

There are a range of diverse roles for Nutritionists within the research and tertiary sector.


Senior Research Fellow

Associate Professor

Postdoctoral Researcher


Postdoctoral Fellow

Senior Lecturer

Research Fellow

Associate Lecturer

Research Scientist

Research Nutritionist

Research Assistant

University Tutor


Example employers

Suggested electives

    If you wish to complete the Master of Human Nutrition (H714) with a view to working in research it is recommended you undertake stream B as this has a far greater research focus than stream A. From there, it is up to you which electives you opt to choose.

    Highly relevant electives

    HSN741 Postgraduate Nutrition Practicum

Expert in area

Dr Susan Torres [PDF 18KB] Associate Head of School (Teaching and Learning, Food, Nutrition and Dietetics) and lecturer from the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences at Deakin University provides an insight into career opportunities for Nutritionists in research and tertiary education.

A. Prof Lynn Riddell [PDF 21KB] Deputy Head of School, Associate Professor Riddell provides insight into careers for Nutritionists in research and tertiary education.

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