Finding employment

Deakin Research has resources, presentations and workshops related to preparing and planning your career following your research degree. Here are some examples:

  • Life after HDR graduation (Deakin resource)
  • Life as a researcher
  • HDR career planning
  • Life post PhD

Useful employment websites and job search strategies:

Research specific sites:

General employment sites

Recruitment agencies:

As well as the general employment sites there are some specialist recruitment firms who advertise vacancies (and help people find work):

Other job search strategies:

  • Newspapers: metropolitan and/or local
  • Cold calling: approaching employers to ask for opportunities
  • Networking: attending conferences, seminars and social events to meet prospective employers.
  • Tap into the networks of other people (especially your supervisors).
  • Make use of electronic networking tools such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Volunteer work: provides experience and contacts

Employment assistance:

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