Nutrition Curriculum Mapping Tool


This Excel-based, online, curriculum mapping tool has been developed to track nutrition education in the first two years of Australian medical curriculum, recently having been trialled in four Universities. Assessing this against our  Nutrition Competencies Framework (PDF, 529.1 KB) , the tool can be used to assist in identifying where and to what extent nutrition has been incorporated, provide reports / analyse data , and identify further opportunities for embedding nutrition competencies. It also highlights any gaps in the current nutrition education content or resources that may be required. An overview of the tool is here.

Target Groups

Medical school curriculum developers and reviewers; teaching professionals interested in incorporating nutrition into their practice.

Uploading of information

Four data templates are used to store the entire curriculum related data. From experience it is not possible to enter all of the essential data into one spreadsheet, as it is far too wieldy. Once populated, these templates are then uploaded into the mapping tool via the WNCIT IT specialist.

*Note that terminology used on these spreadsheets can easily be changed to suit your organisation.

The four templates that are used:

1. TEMPLATE Course units : list of units or study topics associated with a course

2. TEMPLATE Unit-theme-week-topic: information entered here documents each unit, the themes / streams, and topics / modules associated with the unit and the approximate student contact hours involved

3. TEMPLATE Learning objectives: lists the learning objectives associated with each theme-topic and the associated teaching hours

4. TEMPLATE Assessment: defines the assessment tasks for each unit


This mapping tool will allow for the generation of user specified reports, for example:

  • Which nutrition competencies are or are not covered in medical curricula of the course
  • The extent of incorporation of nutrition competencies into course content
  • Whether competencies are assessed and the methods employed
  • The time spent on teaching nutrition content in curricula
  • Other reports can also be generated on request by discussing this with the website developer

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