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2018 Work Experience Opportunity in the Food/Nutrition Industry

Every year in trimester 2, the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences offers a placement-based unit: HSN311 Food and Nutrition practicum which has been designed to aid students in gaining experience and training towards careers in the food and nutrition industries.
The Unit is only offered to undergraduate students studying H315 Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences and H300 Bachelor of Health Sciences (with a major in Nutrition and/or Food Studies).
This unit is currently limited to 40 placements, which can be based within government and non-government organisations, as well as research and food industry sites.

Why consider this unit

This unit provides the opportunity for relevant industry training towards a career in either the food or nutrition industries.  In the past, students have gained valuable experience and skills from this unit to allow them to consider their career path and a number of students have also gained employment within the food and nutrition industries.


The prerequisites of this unit include:

1) At the time of submitting an application, students must have completed a minimum of 4 HSNxxx coded units in their course, of which at least two must be at level 2.

2) Students must have the capacity within their course load to undertake this elective unit in Trimester 2 2018. Although placement hours may sometimes be undertaken outside of the Trimester 2 dates, all students will be enrolled in Trimester 2 2018. If you are unsure whether this unit will fit into your course plan/rules, please consult your Student Advisers before applying.

Application process

Part of the application process will involve answering pre-enrolment questions as well as submitting a 3 minute video that aims to demonstrate:

a. What type of placement you are wanting to undertake and why. (This may include food industry, not for profit, private consulting, research or government based placements).

b. What knowledge and skills do you think you can bring to the type of placement you would like to undertake.

c. What knowledge and skills would you like to further develop during your placement.

In addition to the criteria above, interested students must complete the application form on the ‘InPlace’ system by Friday 10th November 2017.

2018 Student practicum placement application form

Successful applicants will be notified via email by Friday 22nd December.

Please note that there is a limit of 40 places which will be offered at this point.

**Note: 2018 re-enrolment period is now open and we strongly recommend students to enrol into their core and/or other elective units for 2018 by the re-enrolment due date.

You are not required to wait for the outcome of your HSN311 application in order to submit your 2018 re-enrolment.

If you are successful in gaining a place in HSN311, you will still be able to add this unit to your T2 2018 enrolment later.

Given the need to review all applications equitably, we will not be able to advise students of their applications’ outcome before Friday 22nd December.

If you have any questions regarding the unit, please contact the Unit Chair, Ms Jennifer McCann at

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