HDR Grants - Guidelines and Procedures

Students can apply for the following funding opportunities within the School of Health and Social Development and the Faculty of Health:

Grant TypeRelated Forms

A. School HDR Grants (SHG) – for direct research related expenses – data collection, fieldwork and transcriptions.

HSD HDR Grant - Application Form

B. Faculty Conference grant (FHG) – towards conference attendance only – conference registration and travel.

Faculty Conference Grant - Application Form

Faculty Conference Grant - Report

C. Faculty Publication Grant (FPG) - towards publication expenses only, once your paper has been accepted.

FPG has a different application process. Please send an email directly to Steven Sawyer on how to apply for an Open Access Publication.

A. School HDR Grant (SHG)

1. SHG Eligibility

1.1 The School HDR Grant is available to students who are currently enrolled in a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) in the School of Health and Social Development.

1.2 Students who have confirmed candidature will receive priority.

1.3 Attendance at a conference maybe be granted to students who have completed their Confirmation of Candidature (CoC).

1.4 The School HDR Grant cannot fund dissemination after completion and submission of the thesis.

2. SHG Information

2.1 The Grant is provided to support research activities in the pursuit of research Masters and PhD degrees. As limited funds are available, only partial research costs will be funded.

2.2 Grants are available up to $4,000 per PhD student and up to $2,000 per Masters Student for the entire duration of their candidature. Funds must be expended in the year it was granted.

2.3 Funding is provided as an expense reimbursement, and students are not to incur any expenses until they have received confirmation of their successful grant application from the Research Support Officer.

2.4 Students are strongly encouraged to plan their funding requests in consultation with their Supervisor, and to consider the timing, nature, and amount to be requested for the duration of their candidature.

2.5 The funding must be spent by or before 15th November of each calendar year and the balance cannot be brought forward into next year.

2.6 Claims must be made in the same calendar year that the expense occurred.

2.7 Funding items - supported

  • Conducting interviews
  • Incentives for research participants ($20 maximum per participant)
  • Data collection - surveys
  • Transcription / Translation
  • Biometric assessments
  • Registration fees for workshops or training sessions
  • Fieldwork expenses - public transport and fuel for private vehicle use (Logbook to be provided)
  • Attendance at a conference subject to completion of CoC
  • Publication (Eligibility same as clause 5)
  • Special materials including standardised test instruments, associated manuals and books (Any equipment, software, books etc purchased remain the property of the University.)
  • Datasets or data subscriptions (i.e. from the Australian Bureau of Statistics)
  • Specialist software (check to see if the University has a bulk licence first)

2.8 Incentives for research participants

  • Indicate whether DUHREC approval has been granted for proposed incentives.
  • As a guide to participant payments, you should indicate (and justify) the level of payment you are requesting based on the 2 general principles: (1) inconvenience/time/effort, (2) need for incentive in your application.
  • A maximum of $20 for each gift voucher will be approved if they meet the above criteria. Participants must be recorded and should sign to show they received the incentive; on the Statement of Participation Form that has been introduced from 2017 (available with School, email health-hdr@deakin.edu.au).
  • It is understood that in certain cases a non-disclosure of participant names is required as per Ethics. However, as an Audit requirement this form will need to be filled and will be stored with the other confidential data for the same period as required by the University and will comply with Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and Health Records Act 2001 as stated in Deakin’s Privacy Policy.
  • Unused gift vouchers need to be returned to the School.

2.9 Funding items – NOT supported

  • Casual salaries
  • Thesis binding and professional editing
  • Memberships/Subscriptions
  • Travel vaccinations
  • Travel to meet with supervisors
  • Private vehicle kilometer allowance
  • General office or stationery costs (telephone, facsimiles, photocopying)
  • Equipment items and software that can reasonably be provided through the equipment resources of the School or University
  • Repairs to existing equipment

B. Faculty Conference Grant (FCG)

3. FCG Eligibility

3.1 Conference candidates must have successfully completed Confirmation of Candidature to be eligible for funding assistance.

3.2 Applicants must be presenting at the conference (an oral or poster presentation is acceptable).

4. FCG Information

4.1 Conference support is administered by the Schools.

4.2 A maximum of AU $3,000 will be provided to Conference candidates during their candidature, from the Deakin Research/Faculty of Health Conference Funding Scheme.

4.3 The $3,000 may be used to support attendance at one or more conferences.

4.4 The funding will normally be available to Doctoral candidates who have completed 12 months or more of full-time equivalent study and are currently enrolled and to Masters by Research candidates who have completed 6 months or more of full-time equivalent study and are currently enrolled.

4.5 Abstract and/or paper to be provided to the School prior to conference attendance, with notification of abstract acceptance to be forwarded when provided.

4.6 Travel, accommodation, registration, conference package and transfers are the only costs that will be covered.

4.7 Original receipts must be provided to the School.

4.8 Approved applications will be monitored by the School and reported to the Faculty.

4.9 A Conference Leave Report must be submitted to the School within 14 days of returning from the conference (report template available with School, email HDR inbox).

4.10 The funding must be spent by or before 15th November of each calendar year and the balance cannot be brought forward into next year.

C. Faculty Publication Grant (FPG)

5. FPG Eligibility

5.1 Current HDR candidates (includes HDR candidates with their thesis under examination).

5.2 Only peer reviewed journal articles, in journals with an Impact Factor >1 will be considered.

5.3 Journals which are only e-published, and hence the open access fee is mandatory.

5.4 One application per student per year.

6. FPG Information

6.1 The Faculty Publication grant is separate from the Faculty HDR grant and is administered directly by the Faculty.

6.2 The Faculty will consider requests for funding of on-line publication costs for peer-reviewed journal articles, when the manuscript has been accepted for publications.

6.3 This scheme is competitive, will only be open to HDR candidates publishing with their supervisors, and is subject to available budget.

6.4 Please note that any funding awarded must be invoiced/paid in 2018, and cannot be carried forward to 2019.

D. Timelines

HDR Grant rounds will be held each year as given below:

Type of GrantCall for ApplicationsApplication Submission DeadlineOutcome Notification
FCGJan 2019 onwardUp to 1st Nov 20191 week after application is submitted (approximately)
SHGJan 2019 onwardUp to 1st Nov 20191 week after application is submitted (approximately)
FPG*Jan 2019 onwardUp to 1st Dec 2019

Faculty to notify outcome directly to student

E. Application Process

Complete the relevant HDR Grant Application Form above. Please note – each conference attendance requires a separate form and report.

  • Scan any supporting documentation (abstracts, quotes and screenshots).
  • Email the application and supporting documentation to your Supervisor
  • Supervisor will review and recommend approval.
  • Email the approved application and supporting documentation to health-hdr@deakin.edu.au.

*FPG has a different application process. Please send an email directly to Steven Sawyer on how to apply for an Open Access Publication.

F. Review Process

Funding allocation is based on merit and need. Where requests exceed the amount of funding available, only partial funding will be awarded. The principles listed below are applied in the review process and students are entitled to plea for exception due to special circumstances:

7.1 Direct research expenditure for data collection and analysis will receive the highest priority.

7.2 Ethics approval must be granted, or submitted and pending approval, in order for data collection expenditure to be considered for funding. Awarded funds will only be released when Ethics approval is granted.

7.3 While Confirmation is not a strict requirement for data collection, applications from confirmed students will be given priority. Deferring data collection until after Confirmation and Ethics approval may be preferable, as projects often change (design, sample, methods) while in process. However, students may be working on existing data (from external sources, or on an on-going project led by a supervisor) and therefore need to provide relevant details to enable reviewers to make an informed decision.

7.4 Pre-confirmation/pre-Ethics approval applications are allowed for expenses independent of final study design/sample etc. (i.e. Ethics and Confirmation-approved), such as specific up-skilling (for a particular data collection or analysis method), attending a local conference related to the field of research to assist with shaping the research question or approach.

7.5 Where funding is requested for expenses that could be supported by other schemes, a justification for using the School HDR Grant is required. For example, if funds are requested to present thesis results at a conference, you must provide justification for why the Faculty HDR Grant was not considered for this expenditure.

7.6 Expenses that are not directly related to data collection and analysis, but are relevant to thesis research (i.e. conference attendance without presentation), will be considered as a lower priority.

7.7 Expenses incurred for dissemination of thesis research findings can only be considered when the dissemination is part of the thesis (i.e. as part of a participatory action research project).

7.8 Grants previously awarded will be taken into consideration when assessing applications.

7.9 Outcome will be notified to the student on approval from HDR Coordinator.

G. Payments

8.1 It is recommended to apply for your Faculty HDR grant (FHG) 2 months prior to your conference travel dates to allow sufficient time for planning your travel and expenses and the related School and Faculty approval process.

8.2 All payment requests (Invoices, conference registrations, online publications etc.) are required to be sent to health-hdr@deakin.edu.au. To avoid out of pocket payments, it is recommended to request an original tax invoice from the supplier and ensure they have a valid ABN.

8.3 Travel - Once you have received an approval for your grant, please contact the Travel Officer who will book your flights on your behalf. Please note only flights are to be booked and paid for by the University via the Travel Officer.

For assistance with reimbursement claims please contact the Travel Officer.

H. Grant Reporting

9.1 Reports on your grants will be provided on a quarterly basis – March, June, September and November.

Balances indicated on your report will be for the current year only.

9.2 The $4000 is a maximum limit and not a promised funding allocation and reporting of balances with respect to this limit will take place only when a student has reached his/her limit.

9.3 Students are expected to track their own expenditure throughout their candidature.

I. Student Enquiries

All student enquiries in relation to candidature, confirmations, exams, offers, scholarships, grants are to be directed to health-hdr@deakin.edu.au to allow monitoring during absence and redirecting requests to the authorised delegate. Please allow 48 working hours to action your request.

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