Booking Policy:

Bookings can be made via the online Outlook calendars using these Instructions. Each piece of equipment will have its own booking calendar:

*G HEALTH Medicine Lab Eqpmt nb1.115 Leica RM2125 RTS Rotary Microtome
*G HEALTH Medicine Lab Eqpmt nb1.115 Tissue Processor and embedder
*G HEALTH Medicine Lab Eqpmt nb1.115 MicroTec CUT 4060 Rotary Microtome
*G HEALTH Medicine Lab Eqpmt nb1.120 Leica CM1860 Cryostat

Bookings are essential and users will be granted calendar access after successful completion of their training.

Booking of the tissue processor will require approval by the facility as you will need to supply us with essential information before commencement (ie. Number of samples, type of sample, account codes etc). Please complete the Tissue Processor Booking Form  and submit it along with your booking request. The form must be completed in full before your session will be approved (see Tissue Processor tab for more information).

All other machines will not need facility approval prior to commencement so you can book your session directly on the relevant calendar.

Cancellation Policy: - Tissue Processor only

Users can cancel their bookings by contacting Megan Ellis up to 24 hours before they process tissue. Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged a flat fee of $50 and no-shows will be charged a flat fee of $100.

For all other machines, please try and cancel within 24 hours of your booking as a courtesy to other users. If users consistently misuse the booking system, they will be banned from making bookings and using the machinery.

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