Tissue Processing

Leica TP 1020 – Automatic Tissue ProcessorLeica EG 1120 – Paraffin Dispenser

The Histology Facility will supply all reagents and consumables needed for processing and paraffin embedding tissue samples. Users will not need to supply anything other than their samples. We have a range of different sized embedding moulds and cassettes available for use.

When booking the tissue processor, users will need to supply us with the following information before your session will be granted:

  • Type of sample (eg. mouse/human/insect)
  • Fixation method
  • Number of samples
  • Account code

Please complete the Tissue Processor Booking Form  and submit it along with your booking request. The form must be completed in full before your session will be approved. Please note that usage is charged on the number of blocks not number of samples processed. It is up to the user to be organised and as accurate as possible when completing the booking form to ensure the correct usage amount is charged.

If you need to process samples that are considered a biological hazard (eg. PC2, infected tissue), you may be required to fill out a risk assessment prior to using the machine. Please allow ample time before your booking to complete these forms so they can be approved in time for your session.


Step 1: Online Tutorial – Please read through the following documents

Step 2: Online Quiz – (Coming soon…)

When you are ready, email Megan Ellis to request the password for the online quiz, and submit your answers via email

Step 3: Induction – for groups up to 4 people

Once you have passed the online quiz, contact Megan Ellis to organise a practical induction. Training sessions will be held Monday – Wednesday only and will take approximately 1 hour, depending on the size of the group.

Step 4: One on one licensing.

This will consist of a supervised session for your first use of the equipment with your samples. As the processor often runs overnight, this will consist of two separate sessions: day 1 with the processor, and tissue embedding on day 2.

Once we are satisfied you can operate the machinery within the health and safety guidelines, you will be considered a “licensed” user and we will give you access to the booking calendar.

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