2016 Fourth Year Conference


On Friday the 14th of October the school held its annual fourth year conference at the Geelong Waterfront and Melbourne Burwood Campuses. Over 200 students from the 2016 student cohort participated in the poster presentations which was attended by staff, friends and family. All the students did a fantastic job with the following students receiving awards:

Emma Whelan - Supervisor Kimberlee Burrows
Emily Bray - Supervisor Richelle Mayshak
Josh King - Supervisor Richelle Mayshak
Gina Reyes - Supervisor Arlene Walker
Betty Gorman - Supervisor Peter Miller
Carl Polileuligaga - Supervisor Peter Miller
Adrian Darakai - Supervisor Andrew Day
Madeline Foster - Supervisor David Austin
Kiira Gavralas & Emily Irwin - Supervisor Gery Karantzas and Ellie Mullins
Sarah Khor - Supervisor Jacqui Macdonald and George Youssef
Kenneth Spedding, Shannon Green, Lauern Matotek, Cathy Joseph, Lyvia Govinden & Heather Fox - Supervisor Bianca Klettke
Amanda Douglas - Supervisor Jin Zhou
Tanya Zorotheos - Supervisor Rachel Leung
Bridget Kennedy - Supervisor Nicole Rinehart & Simone Thomas
Felicity Bigelow - Supervisor Peter Enticott
Ashley Ruyg - Supervisor Robert Cummins
Stephanie Foley
Erin Andrew


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