Request for extended intermission


IMPORTANT INFORMATION (please read before completing this form):

Intermission is defined by the University as 'the approved suspension of study by a Student after enrolling in a Course, usually for a total period of not more than one Academic Year'

Students wishing to apply for any further period of intermission (beyond one Academic Year) must apply to the Faculty Academic Integrity and Progress Committee (FAIPC) by completing this online application form. On this form you must provide detailed reasons why you are unable to undertake your studies  in the trimester/s you wish to intermit.

You must provide appropriate documentation to support your request.

An application for further intermission should ideally be made at least one week before the Census date, to allow students to amend their enrolment if required.

Applicable trimester/semester dates for your course can be found in the Handbook :

Am I a trimester-based or semester-based student? Please check the Handbook at the above link to find the details of your course enrolment.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, your application has not been received.

Student information

Course information
Year you commenced your course: *

Previous intermission (if applicable)   1.

Requested (current) intermission
Please note that further intermission is granted for a maximum of twelve months.
I wish to further intermit my course commencing in trimester/semester
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I wish to return to study commencing trimester/semester
Return year *
Course Plan *

Supporting documentation (required)
Please note that supporting documentation will be required for your application to be considered

Terms and conditions
Certification *
Agreement * In submitting an application, you acknowledge that the decision of the FAIPC is final and that there is no University process for appeal of this matter. The outcome of this application will be conveyed to you by email only, so please ensure that your contact details are listed correctly above and on StudentConnect. Given the complex nature of some intermission requests, it is not possible to stipulate a turnaround time for applications. If your application is approved, you do not need to withdraw from any units on StudentConnect - this will be processed for you.

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