Academic Integrity Breach Reply Form

Due to the physical restrictions related to COVID-19, hearings will not take place on campus.

This form is used as an electronic reply for any students who have received a letter alleging a matter of Academic Integrity breach or General Misconduct from the Faculty of Health, Faculty Academic Integrity and Progress Committee (FAIPC) or Faculty of Health Student Misconduct Committee (SMC).

Information about Student Misconduct can be found in the below University legislation and policies:

  • Regulation 4.1(2) Academic and Research Integrity
  • Student Academic Integrity Policy
  • All other policies can be found in The Guide
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email, your submission has not been received.

    Student Information
    Course Details
    The allegation I received is one of:
    A hearing has been scheduled for: *
    Do you admit the allegation?
    You are welcome to write: DUSA advocate - (& the advocates name)
    Understanding and Agreement *

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