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Welcome to the School of Engineering TechAssist site.

The answers to the most commonly asked questions can be found here, alongside many useful resources. If you are commencing a project, check out the projects page, which contains an instructional guide and details on how to get ‘lab ready’.

Not sure what inductions you require, or how to get inducted? Check out the inductions page.

These resources put the information at your fingertips and are here to ensure your student experience is as easy as possible.

The School of Engineering is spread over three buildings with many spaces, from the lecture hall, to seminar rooms, breakout spaces and laboratories. Not sure where to go? Use the room number and these detailed Building Maps.

  • KC - Civil
  • KE - 3D, Electrical, Materials, Laser & Water-Jet Cutting, Mechatronics, Mechanical & VR-AR
  • LH - Concrete

Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that they have been inducted and acquired the relevant training for laboratory and equipment usage, and that any files provided to staff are correct. Technical staff hold no responsibility for services or products rendered from poor/incorrect file preparation.

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