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Are you ready to travel as a Global Science and Technology Program (GSTP) Scholar, but not quite sure where to start? We've compiled some helpful resources and links below.

deakin abroad where can your degree take you

Important update (December 2020): COVID-19 continues to cause uncertainty around safety and travel. The Faculty has ceased granting new GSTP funds for 2021. Any GSTP recipients who are waiting to travel abroad should check for updates at Deakin Abroad.

Now that you are enrolled in the program as a GSTP Scholar, Deakin Abroad is the perfect place to start. It will help you find the right location to travel to, discuss opportunities with academic and course advice staff who will help you in your decision making.

I've decided where to go!

If you have decided on the overseas location and opportunity, make sure you enrol into Deakin University's Global Citizenship Program.

Take a look at how to apply for a global study opportunity

I'm currently completing the program

Current Global Scholars completing the program may be eligible for funding to help support their participation in the program.

  1. Are you enrolled in your overseas study program?
  2. Are you registered with the Global Citizenship Program?
  3. Is your WAM 70 or above?

If you have answered YES to all of these questions, please complete the online funding application form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My WAM has dropped below 70, am I still eligible for funding?

A requirement of the Program is to sustain a WAM of at least 70, other funding opportunities are available and you should talk to the Study Abroad team to see what your options are.

I’m in the program but my circumstances have changed and I can no longer go on an exchange overseas?

As you will be enrolled into one of our undergraduate courses, you will still be able to continue your studies in the course. Note, however, that the travel scholarship is linked directly with the overseas study, hence it would not be granted in this instance.

When on exchange will I need to pay fees at both Deakin and my global university?

No. As an Exchange student, you remain a Deakin student while you are away. You are still enrolled at Deakin and you continue paying your fees to Deakin rather than to your host university. This means studying overseas is affordable to Exchange students, as international fees at overseas universities can be very expensive.

For more information about SEBE's Global Science and Technology Program, contact:

Niki Calastas
Phone: 03 9244 6570

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