IT HDR Student Resources

The School of Information Technology provides the following information and resources to assist with your commencement and tenure as a research student.

HDR Commencement Induction

All HDR students commencing with the School of Information Technology are required to undertake a localised induction. A representative from the School will schedule and conduct the induction.

HDR Candidature Confirmation

All HDR students at Deakin are admitted on a provisional basis and must complete the candidature confirmation process satisfactorily at an early stage of candidature.

Funding Support

HDR students in the School of Information Technology are allocated $750 per year ($375 pro-rata for part-time students) to use toward research-related expenses. There are restrictions on what can be purchased and your principal supervisor will determine how this funding is spent.

Purchasing and Expense Reimbursements

Prior to making any research-related purchases, please ensure you have written approval from your principal supervisor.

Purchasing request
  • Any purchasing of chemical, biological or equipment in nature (except computers/laptops) must be submitted via TRACIE. Please request access to TRACIE by contacting the School Manager (Administration).
  • Once access is granted, you can submit your request. You will need to provide any relevant quotes or web links, along with the appropriate account code (including the project code provided by your principal supervisor).
  • All computers/laptops must be purchased via the University's provider Data 3 via an ICT purchase request.
  • For further assistance, please contact
Expense Reimbursements
  • Research-related purchases that are made using personal funds can be claimed via an expense reimbursement. Please retain the receipt or tax invoice as it will be required to submit the claim.
  • All expense reimbursements need to be claimed via DeakinUniFi Workday. To gain access to DeakinUniFi, please complete the Access Form and forward it to the School Manager (Administration) for approval.
  • Once access is granted, please review the DeakinUniFi Help and Support SharePoint site, which provides information on how to get started with your claim.


If you are wishing to undertake research-related travel, you must first obtain written approval from your principal supervisor.

Once supervisor approval has been granted, a travel request needs to be submitted via Deakin Travel.

Prior to your submission:

  • Be mindful of the minimum processing times:
    • Domestic travel - 10 working days
    • International travel - 20 working days
  • Please take the time to learn the Deakin Travel system.
  • Collect your travel information before commencing your submission. This includes requesting a flight quote via the SEBE Flight Travel Quotation Request.

Note: Approved expenses incurred throughout your travel (eg, meals), will need to be claimed post-travel via DeakinUniFi (see Purchasing and Reimbursements). Please ensure you retain your receipts/tax invoices.

School Contacts

School HDR Coordinators

Associate Head of School (Research)
Prof Antonio Robles-Kelly

Associate Head of School (Industry Research)
A/Prof Vicky Mak

Other Research Student Resources

For further information and resources, please see:

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