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The University travel system is now online - Deakin Travel

For assistance please refer to the help sheets covering Student Domestic and International travel. Note – These may be modified with time but for now should provide some assistance.

Help Sheets

For support please contact SEBE Admin staff sebe-travel@deakin.edu.au

For more information relating to the Deakin Travel Policy please refer to Deakin Travel.

What you need to know!

  • Please take time to learn the new system upfront Deakin Travel
  • Collect your travel information before you commence the approval process
  • Optimal browser - Firefox then Chrome.  Avoid Internet Explorer.
  • If you are both a staff member and a student 2 options may show. You will need to select the option relevant to the travel.
  • No travel application will be required for same day travel nor intercampus travel (five nights or less).
  • Travel forms are required to be submitted for Honours Students (no online application is available).  Completed forms to be sent to LES travel les-travel@deakin.edu.au or contact for further information.
  • All other travel is to be applied for online including all fieldwork.
  • NEW requirement - Account owners will now receive a notification to approve funding as one of the steps
  • Travel approval cannot be completed retrospectively so if planning to claim travel related costs travel must be completed and approved prior.
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