Getting balance in your life

There are enough hours in the day, you just need to use them well.

Here are a few activities that will help you organise your time and prioritise what you need to do to feel your life is balanced.

  • Set some goals for yourself. These goals should be SMART. That is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.
  • De-clutter your life. Make a list of those things in your life (at home, work, relationships, university, etc) that drain you of energy. Look at the list and decide for each thing to either do it, dump it, or delegate it.
  • Make a list of things that recharge your batteries, things that you do that lift your spirit. Make sure that there is something on each list and plan to do those things soon.
  • Study efficiently and leave yourself plenty of time to do other things by drawing up some study timetables. Have a trimester or semester plan showing when assignments are due in and when other busy periods will be. Keep a diary and list what needs to be done each day.
  • Keep a journal and record how you feel each day. Notice those times when you are feeling great, and those times when you are not. When you are low on motivation, what haven't you done recently that recharges your batteries? Go and do it!

Quick tips

  • Note in your diary physical and social activities, as well as study activities.
  • Keep a daily list of important tasks including exercise.
  • Make time for friends.
  • Don't despair, you can get back on track!

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