Motivation during times of change

Some changes in your life are chosen by you, other changes are outside of your control. Some changes are welcome, others are not. Either way, change involves a loss of something familiar and the development of something new.

Change can be unsettling as you readjust and learn to adapt yourself to the new situation. It can be stressful as sometimes things can be unpredictable. Because of this it is important to care for yourself, so that you can keep studying as well as you can. If the changes that have taken place feel overwhelming, talking to a counsellor can help you adjust to the change.

Your wellbeing can be seriously affected during times of change. It will be important during and after change that you attend to all the dimensions of yourself. We suggest you do the Wheel of Life exercise to assess where your imbalance is and explore ways of finding more balance.

Going to university

Going to a university for the first time will be a big change in what is expected of you as a learner. You need to be self motivated, responsible, and organised in your learning. The campus will be much larger than school, with many more people, and you need to make sense of it all. This change is difficult enough. Having to do this and move to a campus from somewhere in Australia or overseas at the same time can sometimes feel too hard. As you wonder whether you have made the right decision to go to university, think about this:

  • being unsure and confused for a while is quite normal
  • it may take you as much as three months to feel settled in your new town/country
  • the rewards will be worth the effort
  • there will be times when you feel sad and lonely as you miss your family and friends
  • you will adjust if you keep trying

Transition to uni

Leaving university

So you have your degree and now it's time to move on. You may have mixed feelings about leaving Deakin University, perhaps excitement and relief that it is over, maybe some sadness and regret that your time at Deakin has finished, or maybe you are worried about what happens next. Feeling many different things is normal. Finishing your time at uni is more difficult if you have to move to a new area or away from student residences. As you move on, keep in mind the following:

  • home may be very different, politically, socially, economically, and vocationally
  • it will take some time for you to get used to being at home again
  • people may expect you to be who you were then, not who you are now
  • you may miss the freedoms you had in Australia
  • you will have changed whilst at Deakin, home may not have changed
  • what was once familiar may feel strange

Some things that you can do when you leave Deakin University are:

  • celebrate your graduation
  • don't expect returning home to be as easy as just walking in the door
  • check out the internet for some online, local newspapers of your home town.
  • say goodbye and thank you to all those who helped and supported you at Deakin
  • say what you feel to your friends before your leave
  • take with you a list of friends email and phone numbers

Getting help

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