Gender diverse recruitment

Recruitment is a significant issue faced by trans/gender diverse people with many of the recruitment processes carrying significant stumbling blocks before even getting to the interview stage.

Deakin is a LGBTIQ+ inclusive employer. It is important that our recruiters, both internal and external are trained to respond to gender diverse applicants.

Tips for inclusive recruitment practices

  • Communicate Deakin’s gender transition procedures and gender transition paid leave in all advertised positions.
  • Use inclusive language when writing the position description. Victorian Government’s Inclusive Language Guide  
  • Ensure access to all gender bathrooms for applicants attending an interview.
  • Communicate zero tolerance of transphobic/homophobic behaviour.
  • Explicitly welcome applications from trans and gender diverse applicants.
  • Provide training to recruitment teams and hiring managers to support their awareness of inclusive language and etiquette.
  • Recognise that trans and gender diverse people can’t always access current identity documents especially those who have socially transitioned but haven’t transitioned medically.
  • If background checks are not required for the position, remove the ‘previous names’ field on an application or change to a voluntary field on employment applications.
  • State that interview attire appropriate to the applicant’s gender identity is accepted and encouraged.
  • The recording of personal identity information (i.e. birth certificates/passports) remains completely separate from the employee information forms. This ensures sensitive information is not considered as general employee information.
  • Ensure transgender employees’ identities remain private and confidential to all other managers and employees unless explicit consent has been given for this to be shared with any intended parties.
  • Wear a Deakin rainbow lanyard to show support.

Gender diverse recruitment resources

Training for recruiters

Diversity and Inclusion provides training in LGBTIQ+ awareness and tailored training for recruiters. If you would like to participate in the training contact  LGBTIQ+ Community Officer

Support Contact

If you have any questions about gender diverse recruitment at Deakin or would like support with an application please contact

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