Deakin's LGBTIQ+ Plan

Deakin's LGBTIQ+ Plan 2017–2020 supports the inclusion and wellbeing of all of Deakin’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer students and staff.

View the LGBTIQ+ Plan 2017–2020 (PDF 317 KB)

The Plan is based on four guiding principles:

  1. Leadership: University leaders (Executive, managers and supervisors) demonstrate an active commitment to LGBTIQ+ inclusion.
  2. Inclusive Policies and Practice: Deakin’s practices, policies and procedures include and support LGBTIQ+ members of the University, including through the acknowledgement of intersex status and diverse gender identities.
  3. Inclusive teaching, language and curriculum: Academic research is harnessed to inform inclusive curriculum development, and LGBTIQ+ inclusive language and ideas are used in University teaching, policies and practices.
  4. Culture and visibility of LGBTIQ+ members of the University: Students and staff experience a University culture which treats LGBTIQ+ individuals with respect and dignity and promotes an awareness and understanding of issues affecting people of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities.

The plan is being implemented by the LGBTIQ+ Working Group

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