Roles and responsibilities

Learn the responsibilities students and Unit Chairs have in implementing Access Plans.


If you are registered with the Disability Resource Centre, and have an Access Plan in place to support you in your studies, your responsibilities are:

  • Work proactively with your Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) to keep us informed of changes to your health condition (or carer status)
  • Use your Access Plan as a starting point for discussions with your Unit Chairs. We strongly encourage you to introduce yourself to your Unit Chair at the start of the trimester to discuss your needs.
  • Always contact your Unit Chair and/or tutor in the first instance if you need any educational adjustments listed in your Access Plan, such as needing an extension on an assignment or extra time for online or in-class tests.
  • Get your extension request in writing to your Unit Chair prior to the deadline for submission of the assignment, and advise the Unit Chair of how much extension you need (in line with your Access Plan and/or Unit Outline guidelines) and confirm the new deadline in writing.
  • Remind your Unit Chair you have an Access Plan when you talk with them and don’t assume that your Unit Chair is always fully aware of all the details in your Academic Adjustments.
  • Book a review appointment with your DLO when you are sent the invitation to review your Access Plan. Your Access Plan may be made ‘inactive’ if you don’t respond to requests to book review appointments.
  • Contact your DLO if you have any questions related to your Access Plan.
  • Abide by the university’s Student Code of Conduct.

Unit Chair

If you receive an Access Plan for a student enrolled in your unit, these are your responsibilities:

  • Read the student’s Access Plan.
  • Identify and implement adjustments relevant to your unit.
  • At times, some adjustments may require further consultation with the Associate Head of School (Teaching and Learning). The Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) listed on the Access Plan and you as the Unit Chair should form part of these consultations.
  • Distribute Access Plan to staff directly involved in providing strategies and adjustments. The information cannot be made public (such as in classes or seminars).
  • In one of your first teaching sessions each trimester invite all students to speak to you if they are experiencing any difficulties or have any particular needs.  This creates a welcoming and supportive environment and will encourage students with an Access Plan to make contact.
  • Please contact the DLO listed on the Access Plan or the Disability Resource Centre if you have any questions or concerns.
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