This section contains obligations for all managers. Emergency situations include fire, flood, an explosion, a bomb threat or an armed intruder.

Immediate help

For immediate help, staff should phone Security on 1800 062 579, or the Police, Fire or Ambulance on 000 (112 on some mobile networks).

Always phone 000 in a life-threatening situation.

Information for staff

Essential emergency information, including assembly points and the role of wardens, is found on the emergency website.

Managers responsibilities

Managers are responsible for:

  • advising staff about evacuation plans
  • showing staff where fire extinguishers, fire exits and assembly points are located
  • keeping fire exits clear and fire doors closed
  • calling for volunteers to act as wardens and appointing wardens when requested to do so by Campus Services. Wardens will receive training from Campus Services.

Heads of Schools and other academic managers are also responsible for ensuring:

  • the inspection of facilities in which students are taught, including laboratories, and making sure teaching staff know where fire extinguishers, fire exits and assembly points are located
  • the inclusion of the emergency student statement in study guides, laboratory manuals and similar student and researcher information. Where relevant the emergency student statement may also be read out to students in the first lecture for the trimester in a particular unit.

The senior staff member in an area, including a lecture theatre or other teaching venue, will evacuate all the people in that area if wardens are unavailable.

Indemnity of designated emergency control personnel

The University will indemnify designated emergency control personnel (namely, wardens, first aiders, campus emergency co-ordinators, emergency and crisis management team leader and members) who work within their level of training against any loss or damages arising from any legal action taken against them as a result of any act or omission on their part during the course of carrying out their designated function.

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