First aid

First aid is available from Security and first aiders. First aiders are staff who volunteer and are selected for this role. The First Aiders webpage provides information for first aiders.

First Aid guidelines

The First Aid guidelines (PDF, 94.6 KB) outline the responsibilities of first aiders, including details of training and certification, and the requirements for first aid kits or cabinets, and first aid rooms.  The Guidelines also outline how first aiders are appointed.

First Aiders

First aiders must receive any necessary resources and time release for training and first aid duties and they are strongly encouraged to undergo Hepatitis B immunisation and have post-vaccination serology to confirm immunity.

The University will indemnify first aiders against any loss or damages arising from any legal action taken against them in carrying out their designated function within their level of training.

First aiders must complete an Incident Report for incidents requiring first aid, including refusals of first aid treatment. First aiders should also use and retain the First Aid Treatment Form (273 KB) (DOC, 272.0 KB) to document any treatments provided. A copy should be provided to the HWS Unit.

Where there is risk of serious injury, death or risk of spreading contamination as a result of a refusal of treatment, first aiders must inform Security on 222 or 1800 062 579 immediately.

Blood spill kits are available for use by first aiders from Deakin Health Services and Security.

First aid rooms

The Director, Facilities Services Division is responsible for arranging routine and special cleaning and for the overall maintenance of first aid rooms. The local manager (i.e. the manager of the organisational area in whose premises a first aid room is located), together with local first aiders, are responsible for monitoring first aid supplies, the use and state of the room, including facilitating arrangements for laundry of bed linen. The HWS Unit will make laundry arrangements and supply any first aid needs.


The Security officers (ring 222 or 1800 062 579) on each campus have direct access to defibrillators and are trained in their use. Any queries about defibrillators should be directed to Security.

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