OHS Risk Management

This section contain obligations for managers, supervisors and academics-in-charge.

The consideration of OHS risks will be part of research, teaching, partnerships, tenancies, purchasing, design, change processes, system building and project planning processes. This in turn will ensure compliance with the OHS legislation and the University’s Health, Wellbeing and Safety policy.


To comply with the OHS Act, the responsible manager must carry out and document the following:

  • Identify the OHS risks associated with any new activity, material or equipment.
  • The identified OHS risks must be considered and if they are not clearly low then a formal Risk Assessment must be carried out.
  • Where a OHS risk is determined to be Medium or higher then this must be recorded in the relevant Risk Register

The University's OHS risk management system is aligned with the requirements of the OHS Act and the University's Risk Management Procedure.

What is an OHS hazard/risk?

A hazard is anything in the workplace which has the potential to harm people.

A risk arises when it is possible that a hazard will actually cause harm.

Read more at the WorkSafe website.

OHS Risk Management Standard

This Standard ensures OHS risk management is an integral part of all University operations.

OHS Risk Assessment Guide

The Guide is a two page summary of the Standard that can be used when considering OHS risks.

OHS Risk Assessment Templates

General Templates

Short Risk Assessment Form / Template

Multiple Task Risk Assessment Form

Specific Templates

Event Risk Management (WorkSafe South Australia): (PDF, 149.3KB)

Hazardous Substances Risk Assessment (DOC, 74.5KB) (Individual chemical)

Hazardous Substances Risk Assessment (DOC, 71.5KB) (for process)

Manual Handling Risk Assessment (DOC, 66.5KB)

OHS Pre-Purchase Checklist (DOC, 88.5KB)

Post-Purchase OHS Checklist  (DOC, 58.0KB)

Slips, Trips and Falls Checklist (WorkSafe) (DOC, 186.5KB)

Workplace Violence Risk Assessment (DOCX, 21.1KB)

Templates can also be found at:

Examples of multi-task risk assessments

for Offices, Gardening, Childcare, Road Repair


Training in carrying out risk assessments can be arranged through the Health, Wellbeing and Safety team.

Leeds Council in the United Kingdom have an online Risk Assessments training program. Although it is based on British law the Victorian system is very similar.

Managing OHS Risks at Deakin

OHS Risk Management

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