Deakin University Student Association (DUSA)


Advocacy is support. Deakin University Student Association (DUSA) employs Advocacy Support Officers who are experienced in giving support and advice to students who need it. The advocacy service at DUSA can assist with any academic concerns, issues or questions, including:

  • responding to allegations of academic misconduct and appeals
  • show cause to a proposed restriction or exclusion
  • special consideration and review of results applications
  • anything that is impacting on a student's study

The Advocacy service is free and confidential to all Deakin students and remains independent from the University. Deakin imposes strict timelines for ALL academic issues, so it is vital that students contact DUSA as soon as possible in order for us to be able to help

T: 1300 555 528

Find out more at DeakinSync under Help & feedback or go directly to the Advocacy website.
Binding of documents is available at the DUSA office on  campus, or the DUSA Bookshop at the Melbourne Burwood Campus.

DUSA Bookshops are located on all campuses and provide all academic text required whilst studying at Deakin. They also provide a broad range of general store items including drinks, snacks, stationery and MYKI. DUSA also offers the convenience of an online bookstore and a phone order centre. Books can be sent to customers anywhere in Australia or overseas. DUSA Bookshops also provide a special order service if a book is not available, it can be ordered.

Booklists are posted in DUSA Bookshops and can be viewed online, one week before each trimester commences. The Bookshops stock all required textbooks, reference books, Deakin course materials, stationery, gifts and DVDs, as well as a great range of general books.

T: 1800 686 681

Second-hand books

DUSA Bookshops sell second-hand books for 65% of the new book price, with 50% of this going to the seller. The Bookshops will only accept limited numbers of each title, so it is recommended to get in early. Books must be in an acceptable condition for re-sale (subject to the Bookshop's discretion).

Clubs and Societies

Clubs are a great way to meet people and get involved. DUSA supports over 120 clubs and societies across all Deakin campuses. Clubs and societies cover diverse interests including Faculty, sporting, social and cultural clubs and there are also discipline-based clubs and societies within Faculties, Schools and courses/units. Search the DUSA website or visit the DUSA office on campus for more information.

Find out more at DeakinSync under Get Started or Get Involved or go directly to the Get involved website.
Deakin legal service

Deakin Student Legal Service provides free and confidential legal advice, information, referral and education to currently enrolled Deakin students. Qualified Lawyers and Migration Agents can advise you on a range of legal matters, including:

Fines / Infringements
Motor Vehicle accidents (not TAC)
Debt / Bills / Consumer problems including Scams
Tenancy / Housing
Employment Law (including Sexual Harassment and Bullying)
Stalking & Family Violence
Family Law
Minor Criminal Matters
Migration Law / Student Visa
Victims of Crime Assistance
Reporting Sexual Assault
Deakin University Student Association Inc.

The Deakin University Student Association (DUSA) is the organisation run by students for students at Deakin. DUSA is here to make sure your time at University is as fun as it should be. DUSA looks after you if you need help, with free academic advocacy and welfare support services. DUSA also gives you the opportunity to develop your leadership and professional skills and get active with Uni sport, volunteer programs and clubs. Make the most of your time at University, get involved with DUSA.

DUSA also offers a vast array of student support services ranging through advocacy, legal advice, representation and assistance with review of results and special consideration.

Building H

Building JB, Level 1

Building D, Level 1

Building H2-3

T: 1300 555 528

Find out more at DeakinSync under Get Started or Get Involved or go directly to the DUSA website.
Get involved

There are many ways to get involved in the Deakin Community.

Find out more at DeakinSync under 'Get Involved' or 'Get Started' or go to the Get involved website.
You can laminate at the DUSA office on your campus.

Student representation is at the heart of Deakin University Student Association (DUSA). Student representatives are there to give you a voice so that any problems you may encounter can be addressed through fair and equal representation. Representatives are also involved in policy and decision making, organisation of events and help to promote clubs and societies.

DUSA student representatives are elected by DUSA members and any DUSA full student member can be a student representative. In the past, student representatives have been involved in everything from the price of parking to the implementation of the trimester system. Once elected, representatives want to know what you think, so make sure you know who your representatives are so that you can have your say.

Find out more at DeakinSync under Help & feedback or to the DUSA Student representative website.
Second-hand books
DUSA Bookshop have second-hand book sales on from time to time where you can sell and purchase second-hand textbooks. Find out more on the DUSA second-hand books website.
Statutory Declarations (Stat Dec)
A Statutory Declaration is a legal document which the maker must sign in the presence of an authorised witness, declaring that the information it contains is true and correct. The University Solicitor's Office provides a Statutory Declaration and document certification service to students if the documents are required in relation to studies. Visit statutory declarations and document certification for more information.
Trips and tours
Each year, Deakin University Student Association puts together a wide range of affordable trips and tours which cater for a variety of interests. Discounts for DUSA members and priority bookings apply. For more information about upcoming trips and tours, check the DUSA events webpage.
Witnessing of documents
See Statutory Declarations and Document Certification.
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