Policy and procedure

Academic Progress

A student's progress towards successful completion of the academic requirements of the course in which they are enrolled.

If you are failing assessments and/or don't feel that you are doing as well as you could be, please seek help. Your lecturer, unit chair, Student Advisers and the Division of Student Life - Study support can give you advice and support to help you reach your academic potential.

Find out more at DeakinSync under studying or go directly to the academic progress website.
Academic transcript
A chronological record of a student's enrolment and official assessment results in units and courses.

The University offers an appeals process against discipline and exclusion decisions. Faculty Student Offices can provide details on appeals processes related to Academic Progress and Discipline Committee outcomes. Students can also get help, independent advice and support from the advocacy service provided by DUSA.

DUSA employs experienced Advocates who can assist with any academic concerns, issues or questions including appeals. This service is free to all Deakin students, confidential and remains independent from the University. For assistance visit the DUSA office on campus.

T: 1300 555 528

Find out more at DeakinSync under Help & feedback or go directly to the appeals website

Students may be disciplined because of academic misconduct (including plagiarism and cheating) and general misconduct, whereby it is deemed they have acted in a manner that is detrimental to the University. More information about student discipline can be found in The Guide.

Find out more at DeakinSync under Help & feedback or go directly to the Referencing website.
Equity and equal opportunity

The University provides programs to nurture the development of a University culture that values diversity, enables access and promotes inclusion, so that students can reach your full potential and participate in all aspects of University life.

Find out more at DeakinSync under Enrolment, fees & money/visas or go directly to Diversity and Inclusion.
Research ethics and gene technology
Student contemplating research projects involving humans, live animals or genetic manipulation will need to get in touch with the Office of Research Integrity
University committees

Decisions affecting students are formulated, discussed and finalised at Deakin University Council and other University boards and committees. Student members play an important role on these groups. Serving on these groups can extend your networks and enhance your employment credentials.

Find out how you can get involved by contacting Governance or the Executive Dean office in your Faculty.
University legislation, policy and procedures
Information on legislation, policy and procedures at Deakin can be found online in the Legislation and policy library
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