Mental illness

Mental illness is a diagnosable condition that affects a person's thinking, emotions and behaviour and disrupts their ability to work or carry out other daily activities. The experience of mental illness in Australia is common, with one in five, or 20% of Australians aged 16-85 experiencing a common mental illness in any one year. Early warning signs that someone may be developing a mental illness include:

  • withdrawing from social situations
  • loss of interest or concentration in study
  • less attention to hygiene and grooming
  • unusual behaviour
  • uncharacteristic emotional responses.

What can you do about it?

There are a variety of evidenced based treatments available to treat mental illness. Such treatments include, lifestyle changes, counselling and medication. The earlier the treatment, the better chance of recovery.

Tips for managing your mental illness at university

  • obtain adequate amount of, and good quality sleep
  • maintain a balance between study, work and social activities
  • minimise alcohol and other drug use
  • manage time effectively
  • eat well
  • study smart
  • stay connected with your treatment providers (GP, Health professionals)

Taking it further

  • Beyondblue
  • SANE Australia
  • ARAFEMI (Association of Relatives and Friends of the Emotionally and Mentally Ill) - provides services to the community of the state of Victoria, Australia for the care and support of families and individuals dealing with an emotional or mental illness.

Getting help

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