2017 SES UG Infographic



QILT (Quality Indicators for learning and teaching)

2017 SES (Student Experience Survey) Undergraduate Highlights

The SES is an annual national survey of FIRST and LATER year undergraduate and postgraduate students conducted at Australian Universities and other providers

6044 Deakin Students surveyed told us about their experience

82% thought the overall QUALITY of their education experience at Deakin was 'good' or 'excellent'.

Student Satisfaction

Compared to other universities, Deakin performs really well;

  • 82% Teaching Qualities (80% national).
  • 76% Student Support (73% national).
  • 82% Skills Development (81% national).
  • 91% Learning Resources (83% national).
  • 60% Learner Engagement (60% national).

Deakin was 1st in Victoria for Overall Satisfaction

Student Satisfaction with Learning Engagement was low.

Deakin is responding with a student engagement plan, including 'Get Cloud Campus Ready'

19% of students indicated they had considered leaving Deakin, especially for health or stress related reasons. So we have taken action by developing an eWellbeing Platform and providing access to health coaches.

Having your feedback allows us to understand how we are contributing to students' experiences, identify areas of good practice and areas that we need to improve on.

You can do your own comparisons at www.qilt.edu.au

Source: The Strategic Intelligence and Planning Unit, Deakin University

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