2018 GOS-L PG Infographic



Deakin medium-term graduate outcomes - postgrads

What are the 2014 Deakin graduates doing in 2018?

Findings from the 2018 Graduate Outcome Survey - Longitudinal (GOS-L) data the national census of higher education graduates 3 years after graduation

1,057 Deakin graduates from 2014 responded to the 2018 GOS-L which gave a 52% response rate

Overall Employment

95% are employed

64% were working as a professional

23% were working as a manager

Around 24% are working multiple jobs

Around 48% have changed occupation within the same business

Graduates in full time employment

3 years ago, 77% were working full time. Now, 93% are in full time work.

80% have been employed full time in their role for at least 12 months

41% found their new* job via the internet ads (*previous 12 months)

Graduates were in diverse work:

  • 172 occupations
  • 136 industries
  • employers based in 22 countries

Note: All figures above are for domestic graduates who completed a postgraduate coursework qualification

Knowing what they know now...

81% of graduates would still study at Deakin

82% of graduates would still study the same qualification or study area

Source: Deakin University Strategic Intelligence and Planning Unit

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