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2018 Higher Degree by Research at Deakin Survey Outcomes

51% of HDR students across Deakin provided insights.

Questions were relevant to their Stage of Candidature:

  • 28% early
  • 44% middle
  • 31% late

We know many of you are balancing work and study:

  • 59% were currently combining work with their HDR course
  • 36% of these students were working at Deakin/place of research

Ideal Career Ambitions

Doctoral students: Postdoctoral fellowships 34%, Academic work 32%

Masters HDR students: Non-research professional work 28%, Further formal study 26%

We were glad to hear that 82% were satisfied with their research experience overall.

87% agreed that their principal supervisor had been very supportive and would recommend Deakin and or their principal supervisor.

We know we have some work to do because less than half said they:

  • felt integrated into their school community
  • had opportunity to be involved in the broader research culture
  • felt stimulated by the research ambience
  • been introduced to disciplinary networks

Only half had been encouraged to engage in the intellectual life of their school/institution.

The main reason for students considering withdrawing was 'supervisor issues' (55%)

Of concern 6% thought no career support was available.

1 in 3 students did not know what career support was available at Deakin.

The majority of PhD students needed or envisaged needing an extension to complete their degree. Only 13% saw themselves completing within 3 years.

You spoke, we listened.

We have taken action by...

  • limiting supervisor loads to assist in improving quality
  • providing mental heath support for HDR students and supervisors
  • modifying the pre-admissions process and introducing an expression of interest form
  • boosting engagement through events such as weekly seminars, social events and research review days
  • introducing a formal career coaching program for all new HDR students.

Plus, the feedback from the HDR survey forms part of the Faculty and Institute self-reviews which drives further actions!

Source: The Strategic Intelligence and Planning Unit, Deakin University

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