2017 Bachelor Outcomes



Deakin Bachelor Outcomes 2017

Data from the Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS), the national census of newly qualified higher education graduates

  • 2375 (48%) of bachelor graduates told us what they were doing the year after graduation AND how they felt about Deakin and their course
  • 89% overall employed
  • 72% in full time work within 4-6 months (of those available for full time work)
  • 18% were in full time study
  • 27% of those employed were working multiple jobs
  • 31% have been employed Full Time in their role for at least 12 months
  • 36% found their new job via internet ads
  • They were working in 378 occupations across 247 industries in 15 countries (ABS ANZSIC and ANZSCO codes)

What our bachelor graduates thought about their course:

  • 83% overall satisfaction with course quality in 2017 1st in Victoria for the past 8 years
  • 1st in Victoria Generic Skills scale

Graduate surveys are one way for you to tell us how to improve as a university

A few of our improvement actions:

  • More industry and work placement opportunities
  • Expanded range of career planning, talent development and recruiting services
  • Targeted support for domestic and international students experiencing difficulties
  • Course planning and development based on student feedback with an emphasis on real world employment skills

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