Getting Started at Deakin Outcomes



2017 Getting Started at Deakin survey highlights.

Deakin runs this survey every second year to better understand our student community.

3732 new students from all faculties and campuses participated in our survey

82% were satisfied with their experience so far

87% would recommend Deakin

2/3 of domestic students and 1/4 of international were paid to work but many said employment commitments made study harder

Orientation participation of on campus students was much higher than Cloud students (76% versus 19%)

97% of students who participated in orientation felt welcome.

Cloud Students; average time spent on campus is increasing but they told us that Deakin can do even better to help our new students:

  • 22% could not get all information they needed online
  • 20% disagreed online enrolment was easy to use
  • 24% had difficulties adjusting to online learning

And after they arrive...

  • 39% said they found it difficult to get studies done on time
  • One third had considered discontinuing or deferring, with over half saying it was due to workload difficulties

We have begun taking action based on what you told us

  • Enhancing peer mentoring opportunities
  • Piloting a located on-campus orientation for Cloud students in T1 2018
  • Unifying early orientation tools from point of offer to better prepare students for studying at Deakin; and we are still planning more

5 lucky students won a cash prize for contributing to the survey

Student surveys are an important way for Deakin to find out what our students want

They are your voice!

Source: Strategic Intelligence and Planning Unit.

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