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Cloud Learning Help

Help and information about Deakin's cloud learning environments

CloudDeakin help

Most CloudDeakin issues can be quickly solved by checking your browser settings.

If you're still having problems with CloudDeakin, these steps and checks may help you:

  1. Make sure you have activated your Deakin username and password
  2. Ensure you meet the computing, connectivity and capability requirements
  3. Run a system check before you log in

It may also help to clear your browser cache and cookies.

For more help and support for CloudDeakin, see our CloudDeakin Help Pages.

Echo Recordings help

Remember that you need to allow pop ups in your browser before you can view an Echo recording.

For more help with accessing and using EchoSystem, visit our Echo Recordings help pages and Cloud Learning FAQs.

Bb Collaborate help

The fastest way to download Bb Collaborate is from our website.

For help with accessing and using Bb Collaborate, visit our BbCollaborate help pages and Cloud Learning FAQs.

DeakinSync help

For help with using DeakinSync, log in to DeakinSync and find Deakinsync support in the desktop's left-hand navigation and on the mobile home page.

DeakinAir help

For help with accessing and using DeakinAir, visit our DeakinAir help pages and Cloud Learning FAQs.

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