Digital file storage

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Digital file storage

Storing and syncing files in the cloud

All staff and students have 1TB of storage space in OneDrive for Business. You can access these files from almost any device. Select your device below to get started.

Storing and syncing files in your home directory

You can store files in your Deakin home directory and have access to them whenever you are connected to the Deakin network.

How to connect from home

When you're off campus, you'll need to connect to the Deakin Virtual Private Network (VPN) in order to access your home directory.

Connecting with your own device

You will be automatically connected to your home directory on Deakin computers. But to connect with your own device, you will need to map a network drive.

How to share files and folders with other people

You can use OneDrive to easily share files and folders. You can also set up a shared directory on the network where you can store and share the files with others.

How to restore deleted or corrupted files

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