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Email and Calendars

How to access your email and calendars on any device.

You can easily access your email and calendars on any computer or mobile device using the Outlook Web App. Your email and calendars are also integrated into DeakinSync.

Select your device to get it set-up with email and calendars.

How to forward your email

You can have your Deakin email forwarded to an external, non-Deakin email address.

Staff can have a Deakin email address forwarded to another Deakin address.

Shared mailboxes and calendars

A shared mailbox is an email account that more than one person can use to send and receive email from the same email address.

Before you can add a shared mailbox to your email, the owner of the mailbox needs to share it with you - here's how someone can share a mailbox with you.

Once you've been added to the mailbox, here's how to add it to your Outlook.

Phishing and spam

Phishing scams use email to trick you into giving out personal information. To avoid getting hooked, think about who is emailing you and what they’re asking you to do. If you’re unsure about it, or if the email is unexpected, contact person or business directly using a known telephone number or email address. If you receive a spam or phishing email, delete it.

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