ICT standards

Information and Communication Technologies at Deakin

At Deakin, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems are vital to our teaching, learning and research. Our ICT systems directly impact every Faculty and Portfolio Area, student and staff member. These systems, which include applications, functionality and infrastructure, support our fundamental business activities.

eSolutions is committed to delivering reliable, robust, accessible, flexible and cost-efficient ICT services to the Deakin community. We want to ensure our technical ICT standards are adhered to across the University, for example:

  • During the development and maintenance of a web application to be used by the Deakin community.
  • During the development and maintenance of Deakin networked services.
  • When installing audio visual equipment into a Deakin teaching space.
  • When installing videoconferencing equipment into Deakin teaching spaces, meeting rooms or offices.

If you have any questions about ICT standards at Deakin, please contact the IT Service Desk using the Submit a Request form (right) or via telephone on 1800 463 888.

Current ICT standards

ICT Volume 1 - Administrative Standards
ICT 1.1-2011 Standards Document Standards

ICT Volume 2 - Audio Visual Standards

ICT AV Addenda and Updates
Resource 2.0.1 AV Standards Addenda and Updates

ICT 2.1-2013 Audio Visual Room Standards

ICT 2.2-2013 Audio Visual Technical Design Standards
Resource 2.2.2 Presentation Desks

ICT 2.3-2013 Videoconferencing Standards
Resource 2.3.1 Installing Videoconference Systems
Resource 2.3.2 Interior Design for Videoconferencing

ICT 2.4-2013 Audio Visual Signoff and Commissioning Checklist

ICT 2.7-2012 AV Design Calculators, Tools and Resources
Resource 2.7.1 AV Custom Approval Form
Resource 2.7.2 Sight Lines
Resource 2.7.3 Microphone Placement
Resource Table Microphone Configurator
Resource Ceiling Microphone Configurator
Resource Ceiling Microphone Configurator - demo
Resource 2.7.4 Camera Presets

ICT Volume 3 - Application Standards
ICT 3.1.1-2014 Object Oriented Design Standards

ICT PHP Coding Standards

ICT Oracle PLSQL and SQL coding Standards

ICT 3.2.2-2016 Web Application Development Standards

ICT 3.3.1-2014 Web Application Testing Standards

ICT 3.4-2016 Software Selection Standards

ICT Volume 6 - Network Standards
ICT 6.1-2010 Network Reference Document

ICT 6.2-2012 Communications Room Standards
Resource 6.2.1 Communications Room Checklist

ICT 6.5-2016 Fibre Optic Standard

ICT 6.6-2010 Power Protection Access Closets

ICT 6.20-2011 Perimeter Firewall Security Standard (restricted access)

ICT 6.9-2015 Wireless LAN Standards
ICT 6.9.1 Wireless LAN Checklist v1.1

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