Videoconferencing, phones and audiovisual

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Video conferencing, phones and audiovisual

Help with calls, voicemail, videoconferences and messaging.

Videoconference help

Videoconferences are held in Skype for Business meetings, which are scheduled video calls with a unique reference that participants use to join via Skype for Business (Lync), Outlook Web App, in a meeting room, or on the phone.

How to join a videoconference

You join a videoconference by joining a Skype for Business meeting.

How to book a videoconference

You book a videoconference by creating a Skype for Business meeting. If any participants wish to join from a meeting room, you will also need to book a room that has videoconferencing facilities.

How to join a Virtual Meeting Point (VMP)

Skype for Business help

Making Skype for Business phone calls

Choose the device that you want to make the Skype for Business call from.

Checking voicemail with Skype for Business

Choose the device from which you want to check your voicemail.

Changing your Skype for Business number

Request a new Skype for Business number or change an existing Skype for Business number.

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