Placements Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions debunk common myths and misunderstandings in relation to placements and internships undertaken by research students.

Are Deakin's Career Pathway Placements associated with APR Intern internships?

We work very closely with APR Intern to increase the knowledge of internships and the opportunities available to HDR students (and their supervisors). Many placements can be undertaken through the APR Intern program, but that is not the only avenue. The Graduate Research Academy can provide advice and support in setting up any placement.

Are all placements paid?

The majority of placements are funded – students receive $3000 per month (APR Intern) but this can vary for other programs and individual internships.

When can a placement be undertaken?

Placements can take place during candidature or whilst the thesis is under examination.

Does the placement project have to 100% align with the student's research/thesis topic?

No. Many of the skills students need to undertake an internship are transferable. Many internship projects can be translated or transferred across similar disciplines.

Are placements only valuable if the student wants to become an academic?

No. Placements are a valuable learning experience for all students. Students can learn from industry specialists and contribute to real world problems whilst gaining various transferable skills.

Do internships have to start on the advertised starting date?

The advertised starting date of an internship is an approximation and is usually flexible, so please apply.

Is it worth applying if the advertised research brief does not align with the student's research topic?

The advertised research brief is rough and (can normally) be shaped or shifted in consultation with the industry partner. If the topic is of any interest, please apply.

Are advertised placements the only option?

No. Supervisors can engage their own industry partner allowing them to align with their area of research interest or focus.

The student has a pre-booked commitment, such as a conference, in the middle of the internship period. Is there any point in applying?

Internships can be paused to accommodate conferences or periods of data collection e.g. 4 month internship taken over 5 months. If the dates roughly match, please contact us or apply.

Is the advertised location of an internship flexible?

In many internships, but not in all cases, the location can be flexible (typically 80% is conducted on site but this can be negotiated to a minimum of 50% on site, 50% on campus).

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