Policies, integrity and intellectual property

Higher degree by research students are responsible for adhering to all relevant codes, policies, procedures and guidelines to ensure their research is conducted in a responsible way. Deakin provides all of the information and support you need to successfully achieve this.

Policies and procedures

Familiarise yourself with the set of policies, procedures and codes that govern HDR candidature at Deakin.

Intellectual property and commercialisation

Everything you need to know about managing intellectual property generated through your research.

Responsible conduct in research

Depending on the kind of research you undertake during your candidature, there are different guidelines and requirements you must comply with to ensure you conduct your research in a responsible way. This includes advice on:

  • >  Animal ethics
  • >  Biosafety and biosecurity
  • >  Human ethics
  • >  Management of research data
  • >  Radiation
  • >  Nanosafety
  • >  Clinical trials

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