Research Integrity (Staff and Students)

Responsible conduct in research involves different needs and guidelines, depending on the kind of research that is being undertaken.

Research methods and other discipline-specific aspects of the research framework are dealt with by the schools or research groups, but there are other requirements that cover broader classes of research. These for the most part are dealt with by the Office of Research Integrity (ORI).

Research Integrity Requirements

Check approvals required to meet your Research Integrity requirements

Research Integrity Advisers

Contact information for Faculty Research Integrity Advisers.

Animal Ethics

Information on the use of animals in research and teaching, including forms, applications, deadlines and training.

Biosafety and Biosecurity 

Information on the safe and compliant use of biological materials and microorganisms.

Human Ethics

Information for researchers and committee members including forms, applications, deadlines and training.

The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research 

The central code governing research integrity in Australia.

Management of Research Data

Retention, storage and management of data are essential to the responsible conduct of research.

Research Code Breaches

If you become aware of activities that you believe are 'research code breaches' or 'serious research code breach' (research misconduct), several avenues are open to you.


Information on the safe and compliant use of radiation.


Information on the assessment and safe use of nanomaterials.

Clinical Trials

Information for researchers and students who wish to conduct clinical trials. Requirements for governance reviews will also be detailed here.

Induction and Training

See available training currently on offer from Deakin Research Integrity.

Committee members

Restricted access for members of the Laboratory and Biosafety Committee, Animal Ethics Committees, the Human Research Ethics Committee and the Nanosafety Committee.

Defence Trade Controls Act

How defence trade controls affect your research, and the broad exceptions to controls

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