Approved Arrangements

Approved Arrangement application process

The application process for a new Approved Arrangement (AA) site within an existing building may take several months or longer (up to 2 years).

Architects and engineers with a proven track record in the design and construction of containment facilities are required if a new facility needs to be constructed.

  1. Discuss your plans to apply for a new Approved Arrangement (AA) site with your Laboratory Manager (or equivalent)
  2. In consultation with your Laboratory Manager, contact Deakin Biosafety for advice and to determine if an existing AA site is suitable and available for use.
  3. If a new AA site is required, the site must comply with Department of Agriculture requirements. The Laboratory Manager, in consultation with the University Biosafety & Biosecurity Officer, will arrange for a third party assessor to inspect the site. A Third Party Assessor Assurance Certificate is required before the application can proceed.
  4. All persons who propose to work in the AA site must complete relevant Deakin University Biosafety and Biosecurity training.
  5. The Laboratory Manager, in consultation with the Biosafety and Biosecurity Officer, will lodge an application for an approved arrangement with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.
  6. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources will undertake a pre-approval audit of the proposed arrangement. If the proposed arrangement is approved, it will issue a notice of assessment.
  7. The new AA site will be on a probationary audit rate. If the AA site passes two consecutive probation audits it will move to the low audit rate. The approved arrangements general policies provides further information about the requirements for ongoing compliance.

Transporting quarantine materials

Goods subject to continued quarantine must be contained at an Approved Arrangement (AA) site.

Complete an application for the transfer or release of biosecurity material form to apply for a permit to:

  • transfer biological material currently held in an AA site to another AA site
  • release biological material from an AA site

Contact your laboratory manger if you wish to transfer biological material between co-located AA sites.

Transport of biological material by post, road, rail or air is regulated. You must complete a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved training course before you may pack or send dangerous goods (such as infectious substances and genetically modified organisms) by air. Contact your Laboratory Manager for more information.


The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) has approved broad spectrum disinfectants and sanistisers for use on surfaces, equipment and hands.

Record keeping

Researchers are responsible for keeping records of all imported goods. These records must be made available to Department of Agriculture (DA) Officers for inspection if requested.

The following records will need to be available during DA audits:

  • Quarantine Importation / Incoming logbooks
  • Records for Quarantine material in stock
  • Disposal / Waste collection, treatment and disposal records, including any biowaste transport certificates or
  • Transfer / movement records of samples and other materials between AA sites
  • Fit and proper person tests
  • Pest control records
  • Calibration and monitoring records of any equipment used e.g. autoclaves
  • Internal annual inspection records for 5.2 containment (if any)
  • Any other relevant records for goods subject to Quarantine
  • Details of any post mortem results (if any)
  • Import permits (if any)
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