Biosafety committee submissions

LBC submission deadlines 2020

MeetingPreliminary feedback deadline (Monday 10am) Application deadline
(Monday 10am)
LBC Meeting Date
2020-124 February9 March1 April
2020-220 April4 May27 May
2020-31 June15 June8 July
2020-427 July10 August2 September
2020-57 September21 September14 October
2020-626 October9 November2 December

LBC submission lodgement form

Submit all documents for the Laboratory and Biosafety Committee (LBC) or Deakin Biosafety via this lodgement form.

What type of applications can I submit

  • Application for new Exempt Dealing, Notifiable Low Risk Dealing (NLRD) or Dealing Not Involving Intentional Release (DNIR)
  • Application for minor modification or variation to an approved project
  • Application for involvement in a project at another institute
  • Revised application
  • Progress report
  • Final report
  • Import Permit
  • Training certificates or training information
  • Work Safety Assessment
  • Information relating to OGTR certified facilities or Approved Arrangement sites
  • Information relating to Security Sensitive Biological Agents (SSBAs)

You will receive an email confirming that your submission has been successful. Deakin Biosafety will contact you once the application has been processed.

For further information and resources, see our

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Type of application *
Only application where an application already exists. For new applications, a reference number will be provided once processed.
Note: Please ONLY attach Microsoft Word documents or PDFs. Each individual attachment MUST NOT exceed 4MB and the total combined file size submitted must not exceed 18MB. File names MUST NOT include special characters other than hyphens (-) or underscores (_) and should be kept to a minimum of 50 characters in length.


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