Nanosafety Training

Nanosafety Training

Training is available for all staff and students to gain the qualification to work with nanomaterials. This include:

  • live induction and training sessions
  • online training modules

Accessing the online training and compulsory quiz

It is compulsory for all Deakin researchers to demonstrate an understanding of nanomaterials research by passing the online quiz prior to submitting a research application.

To gain access to the online training and the quiz, you will need to register for the "Office of Research Integrity" Cloud Deakin site.

To do so, please click on the below to log into CloudDeakin:

Nanosafety Training and Quiz

Once you are in the site, please select the Office of Research Integrity from the Self Registration list.

The site will then appear to select 'Register'

(if you are a staff member, please ensure you look under your student tab).

Completing the quiz

You will need to obtain 90% on the nanosafety quiz in order to pass. You can complete the quiz as many times as you like (but be warned, the questions change each time!).

Once you've passed the quiz, your "certificate of completion" will become available to be downloaded as a PDF. You need to submit your certificate along with your research application.

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