The Radiation safety website is about the safe practice of radiation sources in research, teaching and any other activity undertaken on behalf of the Deakin University.

Radiation Licensing and Registration Requirements

The Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) is the Victorian Government Regulatory authority which administers the use of ionising radiation sources under the Act. As per DHHS regulations, a Radiation Management Licence is held by the University which registers radiation practices involving:

  • Ionising radiation apparatus
  • Sealed sources
  • Unsealed radioactive material
  • Research involving human volunteers and ionising radiation

The Radiation Safety Officer is the custodian of the DU Radiation Management Licence, which is also available on request through the Biosafety & Biosecurity Office.

Notification of the maximum activity of unsealed radioactive materials allowed to be held by research groups or areas is provided in writing by the RSO to a research group or area supervisors. Any increase to maximum activity or the introduction of additional radionuclides must be requested in writing through the RSO. Receipt of such materials from the supplier must not occur until notification of the Management Licence upgrade has been received from the RSO, or the University risks a fine for breaching the conditions of the Management Licence, as outlined in Section 1.5 in the Management Plan.

The Act requires that all ionising radiation apparatus and sealed radiation sources must be individually registered on the University Management Licence. Each of these radiation practices has specific conditions set out in the Management Licence that users must be aware of. Typically many of these conditions require compliance with a relevant Code of Practice. See Section 1.4 for Management Licence Conditions applying to each source and links to relevant Codes of Practice.

Radiation Safety Forms and Documents

Radiation Usage Information

Use of all ionising radiation is regulated and requires the approval of the Radiation Safety Officer before commencing.  All factors in the sections below must be considered.

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