Building Access FAQ

Please see below a list of frequently asked questions regarding building access.

Can I add additional/Multiple Access to my Card?

Additional or different access can be placed on your card (Online key/access request) .The access will be added to your Deakin Card (Student) card automatically and you'll receive an email when it's been done.

What if I have trouble accessing or submitting the access request form?

If the submit button on the Online Key/Access Card Request form isn't working, click 'Add to request' button. Alternatively, contact the Access Team for assistance.

Is there a deposit when requesting a Key or Card Access?

Deposits are not required when requesting a key or card access.

Where do I go to collect my access card?

You can get a Oncecard/Deakin Card (Student) from any Student Central office. If you already have a card, and you have applied for an update to your access card, the access will be added remotely and you'll be sent an email confirmation. You don't have to go to Student Central to have access added.

Do I need to lodge a separate request for a key or access if I already have one of either items?

If you would like a key or access but you already have one of these items, you still need to lodge a separate form. You can get a key or access by completing the form at Online key/card request. You will get an email when your key is ready to collect from Student Central. Make sure you bring ID with you.

How do I cancel my key request?

If you would like to cancel a key or access card request, please contact the Access Team.

Will Student Central keep/hold my key?

Student Central will keep/hold your key for 30 days. If you would like to arrange a longer period, please contact the Access Team.

How do I transfer my keys to another person?

Keys cannot be transferred to another person. If you no longer need keys, please return them to Student Central.

Will all my previous accesses be on my new card when the update is applied?

When you apply for your access card to be updated, you can also request previous access arrangements to remain on your card.

Will Student Central provide me with a Deakin Card lanyard/holder when I receive my card?

Student Central doesn't supply plastic pockets for Access/ID cards. However, your division/faculty administrative support office should be able to order one for you.

What do I do if I have been given the wrong key?

If you have been given the wrong key, contact the Access Team. You shouldn't have to apply for a new key, but it is best to email or call the team and they will sort out the problem for you.

Do I need access to a room after hours?

Not all areas of the university are accessible to students 24/7. The buildings and libraries that are open 24/7 vary for each campus. If you need access out of university hours you might need an access card. To get an access card and find out more about building access please contact the Access Team.

When do I need an access card?

Access requirements can differ between each campus and/or building. It is best if you ask your Supervisor or Faculty office whether a card is required. If unsure, please contact Access Team. Once you have been granted access on your Deakin Card (Student) you do not have to apply for access each trimester. The card is valid for the duration of your course enrolment.

What happens with Lost/Stolen/Broken Keys/Cards?

All lost or stolen keys must be reported before applying for a replacement.

Please contact the Access Team for assistance

Deakin Cards (Student) can be replaced at Student Central. The new card will activate with the same access within 3 hours and will cancel your old card. Printing will activate in 1 hour.

What do I do if I am having trouble using my card for printing, copying, faxing, scanning or library borrowing services?

If you are having trouble using your card to print, copy, fax, scan or borrow items from the library please contact IT Help or Library staff.

I have lost access to some of the rooms on my card. How can I get these restored?

If you lose access to some or all of your rooms on your card please contact the Access Team.

Who can I contact if I have any questions while my application for a key or access is being processed?

If you have any questions while your application for a key or access is being processed please contact Access Team.

What do I do if I lock myself out of my building/room?

You can contact Security for immediate access to your buildings room. You will also need to contact the Access Team for assistance.

If you're living on Residence and have locked yourself out of your room then you should get in touch with Residence Reception.

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Where can I get Access Card Help?

You can get help with your access card by contacting Access Team or emailing

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