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Nutrition Competency Framework (NCF) resources evaluation

Criteria used to assess resources

  • Evidence based and current
  • High quality information
  • Produced by credible organisations
  • Information is readily and easily accessible
  • Australian specific when related to nutrition public health policy and practice
  • Relevant to teaching, learning, assessment and practice across courses (e.g.: medicine, nutrition, dietetics)
  • Format: text, online written material video clips, audio presentations

Each Resource will be assessed utilising the following criteria:

Name of resourceDirectly relevant to the skill-based competencyEvidence-based / credibleCurrent infoEthic/cultural factors consideredEasy access via linkInformation relevant to Health ProfCore OR additional resource?

The working group who reviewed these materials was comprised of:

  • Qualified nutrition professionals eg University Academic or clinician working currently in a medical school
  • 2 Current medical students
  • WNCIT Project Manager
  • WNCIT Project Team member/s from other sites
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