Deakin Buddies user guide

Getting started

  • Log in through the Deakin Buddies homepage
  • Read the terms and conditions and then register for Deakin Buddies
  • Set up your profile:
    • Pick one of the available avatars that best represents you.
    • Fill in your bio. Make sure to let everyone know what you’re hoping to get from Deakin Buddies.
    • Select your location.
    • Optional: Add your LinkedIn profile.
    • You’ll be given the chance to preview your profile so you can see how you appear to potential buddies in their search results.
    • Select ‘confirm and search buddies’.

Search for potential buddies

  • Click the ‘Search’ icon to find potential buddies.
  • You'll be presented with a list of all potential buddies that meet your course, unit and location requirements.
  • You can set the criteria to find buddies in the same course as you or who are studying the same units.
  • Sort the results by top matches to see who most closely fits your criteria, new matches to see who has recently joined, or by location to see the buddies that live closest to you.
  • To reach out to a buddy press the ‘Request buddy’ button.
  • Your sent buddy requests appear at the bottom of the search page.

Buddy requests

  • Select the ‘Buddy requests’ icon to view the requests you have received from other users.
  • Read over your received requests carefully. If you want to connect, press the ‘Accept’ button. If not, press the ‘Decline’ button.
  • When you select ‘Decline’ the request will disappear from the screen.

My buddies

  • Select the ‘My buddies’ icon to view the buddies you have successfully connected with.
  • You will now be able to contact your buddies using either their Deakin email address or their LinkedIn profile. We’ve provided a sample email that you can send to your buddy or you can write one yourself.
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