Strategies for acting with integrity

As a Deakin student, it is important that you:

  • act honestly and fairly in all areas of your studies
  • do your own work and don’t seek an unfair advantage
  • respect the work of others through proper acknowledgement
  • always promote academic integrity.

Here are some strategies to support you in acting with academic integrity.

All assessments

For all assessments and tasks

  • When drawing on other sources in your work, always appropriately and accurately acknowledge those sources in the correct referencing style for your unit.
  • Do not submit any work that has been purchased.
  • Do not upload your work to a website that allows other students to download or use.
  • Do not work with another person to produce any part of an assignment and then submit this assignment as your own work.
  • Do not submit any part of an assessment that another student has submitted previously.
  • Get written permission from your Unit Chair if you think it is appropriate to re-use any work from one of your own previous assessments (even if it was at a different university).
  • Always ask your Unit Chair, lecturer or tutor if you have any questions or doubts about an assessment (earlier is always better). Study Support is available for further advice.
  • If you are reproducing images or other content in your work, and your work may become available to the public at a later date (e.g. a blog or a digital portfolio), make sure you complete the Library copyright modules.

Written assessments

For written assessments and tasks

  • Never copy and paste text from sources! Instead, develop good note taking strategies to summarise, paraphrase and keep track of sources.
  • Read the Deakin guide to referencing, including advice on how to summarise, paraphrase and quote sources.
  • Use Turnitin to identify where you may not have referenced quotes, paraphrases or summaries of sources appropriately, but be aware that Turnitin does not actually detect plagiarism – only where it may have occurred. Remember, there is no magic percentage match that is OK. What counts is the nature of the matches.
  • Students are encouraged to edit their own assignments. Language and Learning Advisers can help you to further develop skills in academic writing and editing your own work. It is acceptable to get someone to read over your work, but they cannot do any significant editing or re-writing for you. Beware – if someone else re-writes any part of your work, you could face an allegation of collusion. Make sure that the work that you submit has been written by you.

Group work

For group work assessments and tasks

  • Be very clear around the group work instructions and what is expected of each group member.
  • When working in a group, show respect by acknowledging the contributions of all team members. Do not allow anyone who is not in the student group to contribute to the task.
  • Never use work done by a group for an individual assessment.
  • Check the Turnitin report for the whole assignment, even if you were responsible for only one section, so that you are aware of any issues before it is submitted.
  • Get some further tips on working in a group.


For exams

  • Read instructions carefully and make sure you know what you are permitted to take into an exam.
  • Do not take any unauthorised materials into an exam.
  • Never help anyone during an exam and never allow anyone to help you.
  • Do not sit an exam for another student. Do not let another student sit an exam for you.
  • Reduce your exam stress with these great student tips on exam preparation.

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