Online exam technical support

In 2022 most exams will continue to be conducted online through Cloud Deakin. To prepare to take your exam, or if you have any technical issues during exams, read through the information and FAQ on this page.

Technical requirements

To prepare for your online exam, please make sure you have access to:

  • a desktop or laptop computer, fully charged or connected to a power source;
  • supported/preferred Web browsers - we recommend that you run a system check before you log in;
  • a stable internet connection - check your internet speed and contact your internet service provider if you have concerns about the speed;
  • a webcam, speakers, and/or a microphone (if your exam includes video or audio components);
  • a quiet and well-lit room.

CloudDeakin performance

CloudDeakin will be experiencing heavy traffic during online exams. We have increased the capacity of our systems but it may take longer than usual to load pages or upload files during this period. If you experience any delays in load times, please be patient and do not refresh the page - refreshing the page will add to the system traffic and lead to further delays. We have added additional preparation time to online exams in case of delays.

Assignment folders - FAQs

My file will not finish uploading, what should I do?

If your file is not successfully uploading, check the following:

  • The file size: the maximum file size is 250 MB, or 20 MB if the Assignment Folder has Turnitin enabled.
  • Your internet connection: use an internet connection with a faster upload speed or if you can, use a wired internet connection instead of WiFi.
  • The file name: ensure it contains only letters and/or numbers. If there is an illegal character in the file name (e.g. "@:#$%^>), rename your document and try again.
  • The file type: Feedback Studio (Turnitin) reports can only be generated for the following file types: Microsoft Word .docx or Portable Document Format .pdf and others listed in the CloudDeakin guide.
  • If your browser is unresponsive, you may need to clear your cache.

How do I delete a submitted file?

Once a file has been submitted successfully to the Assignment Folder, you cannot delete it. Instead, upload the updated correct file and, if necessary add a comment specifying the correct file.

Quizzes - FAQs

Why can't I access a quiz?

If you are unable to access a quiz and are receiving an error message, it is likely that:

  • the quiz is not yet available;
  • the quiz has ended; or
  • the maximum number of attempts for the quiz have been reached.

Please check your assessment instructions to make sure you have the correct time for the quiz, and follow your unit chair’s instructions for accessing technical support, if required.

How do I watch the quiz timer?

If your quiz has a time-limit, the quiz timer starts when you click on the Start Quiz button. Although you can start a quiz and navigate away from it at any time during the attempt, the timer for the quiz does not pause and continues to record your Time Taken.

How do I save my quiz answers?

Your quiz answers will be saved automatically. However your internet connection speed and any system delays due to heavy CloudDeakin traffic affect how long it takes to auto-save responses, so please be patient and avoid refreshing the page immediately.

I lose my internet connection/the page freezes while I am taking a quiz. What do I do?

If your connection is lost or the page freezes during your quiz, exit the quiz and re-enter the quiz. Questions already completed will remain. Note that, if your quiz has a time-limit, time will continue to run on the quiz timer. If your time has run out, take a screenshot (with a timestamp) of any error messages that appear and contact IT Service Desk for further help.

How do I move from one page to another?

If your quiz has multiple pages, ensure that you click on the Next Page and Previous Page buttons to move between pages. Why am I unable to submit a quiz? If you are unable to submit a quiz, try to re-enter the quiz and submit it (if time is still available). If time is not available, take a screenshot of any error messages including the timestamp and contact IT Service Desk for further help.

How do I know if my quiz has been successfully submitted?

Confirmation of successful submission will be shown on screen. Please be patient and wait a few minutes if this doesn't appear immediately - heavy traffic may cause some system delays.

Supervised exams

A small number of units include supervised online exams - students in these units will be notified of this via the unit site and the exam timetable. If your unit includes a supervised online exam, you can find out more about the process on the Supervised Online Exams site.

Support and help

For technical enquiries, contact the IT Service Desk on 1800 463 888 or check the CloudDeakin guides.

Service Desk support is available during the exam period 6-17 June, 2022;

  • Monday - Friday 8am - 10pm AEST
  • Saturday - Sunday and 9am - 5pm AEST
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