Graduation day is nearly here, and getting ready is simple. All you need to do is register, pay your fees and get ready to be a part of the next generation of Deakin graduates.

Registering for your graduation

Students allocated to the March and June 2022 graduation ceremonies will be graduated in absentia due to the attendance of ceremonies being cancelled as a result of the impacts of COVID-19.

There is no requirement to register as all students deemed eligible by Friday, 11 March 2022 will be graduated in absentia and have their testamur mailed to their postal address. Information will be emailed to student's in mid February.

Students who miss the Friday 11 March date to be assessed, will be moved to graduate from our June round of ceremonies and invited to a future graduation event.

All students who graduate in March 2022 will be given the opportunity to attend a ‘Grads on the Green’. Students who have been deemed eligible to graduate can refer to StudentConnect for the date that their degree will be conferred. Please refer to the table below based on your Trimester of Completion.

Trimester of CompletionRegistration Graduation Dates

Trimester 3 2021

Attendance Cancelled - students graduated in absentia.

All students to be deemed eligible by Friday, 11 March 2022

Students eligible by this date will be able to attend Grads on the Green

17 March 2022

Trimester 3 2021

Attendance Cancelled - students graduated in absentia.

All students who were not assessed by Friday, 11 March will be
moved to graduate in June and need to be deemed eligible by
Friday, 29 April 2022 to be included in the June round
21-22 June 2022

Note: Registering to graduate does not necessarily mean you will be eligible to graduate. Your faculty must assess you as eligible to graduate prior to the cut-off date for each round of ceremonies in order for you to graduate. For students studying cross-institutional units, the late receipt of results for these units may result in your graduation being deferred to a future round of ceremonies.

Graduation costs

Due to the current restrictions around COVID-19, attendance at the March/June 2022 round of graduations has been cancelled.

There is no requirement to pay the graduation fee for these rounds as all students allocated to the March/June graduation round who are deemed eligible by the dates above in the registration table will be graduated in absentia and have your testamur mailed to your postal address.

Learn more about graduation costs

If you can't attend your ceremony

You can choose to graduate 'in absentia' in StudentConnect if you can't make it to your graduation.

Graduating 'in absentia' means graduating without attending the graduation ceremony. Your qualification is officially conferred by the University Chancellery in your absence and goes on public record. Your testamur is sent to you after the graduation.

There is no charge to graduate 'in absentia'.

As your testamur will be sent to you, it's very important that your address and phone details are up to date in StudentConnect.

Deferring your graduation

Currently deferring your graduation is unavailable.

Deferring your graduation means that you wish to postpone your ceremony attendance to a later round of ceremonies. You won't graduate or receive your testamur until you graduate at a future ceremony.

To defer your graduation, simply select the 'defer' option in StudentConnect. You will then be sent a new invitation at the appropriate time for the next round of ceremonies.

You can choose to defer your graduation for a maximum of 12 months after your course completion date.

Four weeks notice from the date of the ceremony must be given to either cancel or defer your ceremony. If fewer than four weeks notice is given, your award will be conferred at your allocated ceremony and your testamur will be sent to your registered postal address following the ceremonies. Please allow up to six weeks for delivery.

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