Indigenous Tutorial Network (ITN)

Information for Students and Tutors

Hello and welcome to the ITN information page. You can find links here to forms and other documentation you might need, as well as contact details for the ITN support team at The Institute of Koorie Education.

For Students

We, the ITN support team, hope that you are enjoying your studies, and encourage you to maintain regular contact with your ITN tutor, if you have one. If you do not have an ITN tutor, and you would like the Institute will locate and assign one to you, please contact Anna Tsiantas here at the Institute. Following this we will begin the process of matching you with a tutor who lives close by. If you already have a suitably qualified person in mind, and that person has agreed to tutor you on a regular basis, please contact the ITN team and let us know. This is important, because then we can work with you and your tutor to ensure the process runs smoothly.

For Tutors

If you have been an ITN tutor in the past, we thank you for your hard work and hope that this page will assist you in accessing the forms and other documents that you will need. If you are a new tutor, welcome! We are here to help you to make the most of your ITN tutoring arrangement. You can now download and print the ITN documentation (including pay claim forms) yourself, which will save time. The contact details for the ITN support team here at the Institute are listed below.

What do I need to do?:

To become engaged with the Institute of Koorie Education to provide supplementary ITN tuition you must complete the following ITN Pack forms:

Other ITAS Pack documentation:

All inquiries about pay claims, travel reimbursement and other HR matters should be made to
ITN Support Team : or (03) 52272538

The ITN Support Teams email address is: or alternatively contact by telephone on:
(03) 5227 2538 or TOLL FREE on 1800 063 383. We look forward to working with you!

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